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Bahrain Smart Cities Awards 2024

The Bahrain Smart Cities Awards 2024 is an initiative that seeks to recognize and celebrate the innovative solutions and best practices in smart city development in Bahrain. The awards aim to inspire and promote the adoption of sustainable and efficient smart city solutions that enhance the quality of life for residents, while ensuring the responsible use of resources. With categories that cover a wide range of smart city solutions, the awards provide a platform for showcasing the latest trends and innovations in AIoT implementations, food security/agritech, renewable energy, smart real estate/smart buildings, and ESG considerations. The awards offer a unique opportunity for stakeholders in the smart city ecosystem to come together, share knowledge and experiences, and contribute to the sustainable development of Bahrain's cities.

Applicant Guidelines


1. Eligibility Criteria:

a. The awards are exclusively open to projects located within the Kingdom of Bahrain.

b. Only implemented projects are eligible; concept designs will not be considered.

c. Research papers or theoretical studies are not eligible for submission.

2. Submission Timeline:

a. Start of Application: January 15, 2024

b. Last Day for Submitting Applications: February 20, 2024

c. Applicants must submit their projects through the official application form within the specified timeline.

3. Implementation Period:

a. Projects should have been implemented and operational for a minimum of 6 months duration, demonstrating their effectiveness and impact.


4. Award Ceremony:

a. Awards Announcement: March 5, 2024

b. The winners will be announced and honored at the Bahrain Smart Cities Awards Ceremony, which will take place during the opening ceremony of the Bahrain Smart Cities Summit 2024.

c. Recognition will be given to outstanding projects, and winners will receive a prestigious award along with visibility in various media channels.

Award Categories 

 AIoT Innovation in Smart Cities

Recognizing projects that exemplify innovative use of AI and IoT technologies in smart city solutions. The focus is on projects enhancing quality of life, resource management, infrastructure, and services in Bahrain.

 Smart Real Estate and Sustainable Building

Open to projects integrating smart building technologies and energy management systems in real estate. These projects should demonstrate improvements in resident quality of life and sustainable resource use.

 Advancements in Food Security and Agritech

Celebrating innovative solutions in agriculture and food production aimed at bolstering food security. This includes precision farming, sustainable agriculture, aquaculture, and innovative food distribution methods.

 Excellence in ESG Implementation

For projects emphasizing environmental, social, and governance aspects in Bahrain's smart city development. The focus is on sustainable development, social equity, and good governance practices.

 Renewable Energy and Sustainability Initiatives

Recognizing projects in solar, wind, and other renewable energy technologies, including energy efficiency and conservation initiatives, contributing to Bahrain's sustainable energy landscape.

 Innovative Smart City Solutions (Open Category)

A flexible category for projects in healthcare, education, transportation, waste management, and more, that contribute significantly to smart city development. These projects should demonstrate innovation and efficient resource use.

 Emerging Technologies in Urban Development

New for 2024, this category recognizes projects that utilize emerging technologies like AR/VR, blockchain, and robotics in urban development, contributing to the futuristic vision of smart cities.

 Community Engagement and Inclusion

New for 2024, this category is dedicated to projects that excel in involving community participation and ensuring inclusivity in smart city initiatives, fostering a sense of belonging and equity among residents.

Application is no now closed . Winners will be announced during the opening ceremony of Bahrain Smatt Cities Summit on 5th March 2024

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